1. Signup

It's fast & easy. Absolutely no setup necessary. Just fill in the details and you're ready.

2. Promote

Use beautiful banners that we provide to promote BigRock. You drive visitors, we take care of the rest.

1. Earn BIG

The more you promote the more you earn. You get paid for every successful conversion that makes place via your affiliate link.

Product Commissions Per Sale
Linux Shared Hosting 10% of each Sale


Product Commissions Per Sale
Linux Reseller Hosting 10% of each Sale


Product Commissions Per Sale
VPS Hosting 10% of each Sale


Product Commissions Per Sale
Business Emails 10% of each Sale


What is an affiliate program?

The affiliate program is basically referred to as a marketing program where a visitor or a customer can participate as an affiliate. The affiliate will get the commission for their marketing efforts towards our company. They generate sales under our affiliate program host. The entire affiliates will get several ads as well as codes for tracking for the placement on their websites, email campaigns as well as search listings. The transaction is tracked online whenever a visitor makes use of these ads to generate a good sale on their host site. If a customer purchases any products and services of ours, it will pay the host directly and that customer who becomes our affiliate will get paid with a commission for that sale.

How do I sign up to get the affiliation with Host Cafe Day?

It’s not that difficult! You can sign up directly by filling some details at our website.
We do not charge anything to become an affiliate for our company and you are also not obliged to generate sales anyhow. Whenever you feel like you can start making money, simply get registered with our website. So, start earning commissions immediately after you sign up with us! There is no need to wait for the long waits and approvals! You will receive everything fast and hassle-free here.

How much I can earn?

You can widen your earning potentials with us. There is no limit to it. When you start signing up customers through our affiliate program, you will start receiving up to $100 for each. So, we don’t put up any number of sign ups and you can make so much. We have some of our best affiliates and they are earning up to $10,000/- month. You can also go through our Affiliate terms of Service in order to receive the exact commission credited.

Do I get paid for selling different hosting types?

Of course yes! You can make up to $300 for a single VPS sale. So, it all depends on the type of hosting you provide further to the customers.

How would you be tracking my affiliate transactions?

We make in use of the cookies to track the entire generated sales by our links. We use the cookies in two phase of tracking such as when your ad has got clicked and when a sale has got placed by a referred customer. We use all these cookies only for the purpose of paying commissions to your purchase.

How about the customers who have disabled their cookies?

You know, there are only 1% of people who have disabled their cookies. If in case you too have disabled the cookies, the customer is no more in range of the publisher tracking and the sales cannot be tracked.

From where do I get the required number of links and banners to be an affiliate?

We will be providing a vast selection of links and banners in various colors, sizes and designs along with the text as well as editorial for you to use throughout your website.

Can I make use of the commission towards web hosting fees or services?

A big No. Affiliates cannot use the commissions receive for their marketing efforts towards the web hosting fees or upgrades directly.

Do I need to have a website with Host Café Day to become an affiliate?

No, you do not need to own a website from Host Café Day to join our affiliate program.

Whom to contact if I face any query regarding affiliate account or commissions?

Please send any queries you may have to mention email id. Our affiliate manager will definitely answer your questions as soon as possible.