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Host Cafe Day provides dedicated hosting for the sites with gigantic activity and other online platforms. Most up-to-date hardware with cutting edge software powers up the best hosting experience at astounding costs. We comprehend the need of unhindered working of sites for our clients. We take it upon ourselves to deliver a delightful dedicated hosting experience which empowers them to earn more from their websites and grow bigger and better.

Powerful Servers

Our dedicated Servers are equipped with excellent, top notch specs from driving organizations like Dell, HP and super Micro. Worked for Speed and unparalleled execution.

Datacenter Choice

The cheap dedicated servers are accessible in our multiple datacenter crosswise over globe. You get the alternative to pick the server area for no extra cost. Here is the list of datacenter: Australia, Canada, North America (EAST), France, Germany, Poland, Singapore, United Kingdom

No Setup Fee or Contract

There are no server setup charge or shrouded expenses. You can discontinue the server whenever required. No penalties or cancelations fees would be charged additionally.

High Performance

Our servers are designed to outperform & with predominant execution and guarantee that even the most busy web server application without any hassles.

Hardware/Software Raid

Our Linux dedicated servers have hardware raid configured for optimal level of high availability of data. Any issue with the hard drive won’t influence your data, your information will stay intact.

Tier lll Datacenter

All our infrastructure are hosted in a Tier III Datacenter, and equipped with redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, network links and other IT components. Hence we guarantee and commit for 99.98% network uptime.


Administration Level Agreement

All our servers are facilitated in Tier lll datacenter and subsequently could ready to offer 99.98% uptime.

24x7 Support

Drop an email or open a ticket asking for support & we will assist you and fix the issues for you. Our in-house tech support team will fix all your hosting related issues.

Boundless Traffic

Unlimited free traffic without throttling. Despite of any activity in regards to downloading or uploading, bandwidth will be free with the most extreme data transfer capacity accessible.

Anti DDOS Protection

HCD servers are strengthened by the DDoS firewall with a specific end goal to ensure the server security against a DDOS assault 24×7.

Decision of SATA/SSD Drives

HCD gives flexibility to choose from wide variety of disks available for server. i.e. SSD and SATA drives. We continuously replenish our stocks with the latest technology available for our customers.

Supermicro Server Hardware

Our Supermicro rackmount-based servers are intended for nonstop elite in a datacenter domain. They include vitality productive Intel processors, hot swap drives.

Choice of OS

HCD presents to you a wide variety of OS templates (Linux Windows & Virtualization) ready to install in your dedicated servers.

Dedicated IP Address

Every Dedicated Server that you buy accompanies a public IP Address, alongside a choice to purchase extra IP Addresses. Users can purchase extra IP’s as per their requirements*.

Full Administrator Privileges

Connect specifically utilizing SSH, Remote Desktop Services and gain power of full Root/Administrator Access over the whole Operating System.

Easy Control Panel

Your Dedicated Server comes with a Panel in client area, to execute tasks by your own such as Power Off / Power On / Restart, etc..

Backup Storage

Your dedicated servers comes along with additional 500GB storage for you to keep the backup files and can be extended with a small cost to 1, 5 or 10 TB capacity. Hence no need to worry about the backup storage.

High Internet Bandwidth

All our Dedicated Servers are equipped with a minimum of 500 Mbps and maximum upto 1 Gbps of Internet Connectivity.

Left out your worries to us!! You don’t have the time to be a system admin. Our committed Advanced Facilitating Support group can carry out that activity for you, so you can center around your customers. We take a prompt deal with your Dedicated Server and will do all the expected things to have your business up and running. You simply need to situate and unwind!!


Monthly Cost

Proactive Monitoring


Kernel Patching without Reboot

VPS Server Setup

Third Party Software Installation

VPS Migration

Lamp Core Service Support

Malware, Virus Detection and Protection


Premium Support

SMTP e-Mail Relays










Management cost notwithstanding the aggregate cost of your server and other Add-on's.
By default DDOS Monitoring and Mitigation is incorporated into every one of the bundles, aside from DDOS under Managed and Fully Managed we ensure that general host server stays dynamic and running and furthermore we utilize Ping and different advancements to ensure your servers effectively reacting to demands
We tell you as and when the most recent Operating System security patches and against any OS Vulnerability gets accessible to fix the VPS Server and as and when you give us the window, we do the needful.
This is appropriate just for Linux Operating Systems, ordinarily, portion patches require a reboot and with this component, we will fix your part with security refreshes without rebooting your server.
Server Operating framework setup, extra programming establishment and starting pre-arrangement (if requested or determined through ticket). This is pertinent just for introductory provisioning of the server or if there should be an occurrence of re-introduces.
We will do the outsider programming establishment in light of your demand, for example, cPanel/Plesk/Lamp, etc..Please take note of that: we will do just the crisp establishments.
We'll help you with the extra arrangement of Core Service Support (Apache, MySQL, FTP, cPanel/Plesk, DNS) keeping in mind the end goal to meet your particular prerequisites. We can likewise improve the server execution.
Antivirus Add-on must be bought moreover to have this component. Under which we proactively ensure your server against Malware and Virus and we inform you also when our framework distinguishes any Malware and Viruses on your server.
As a client with Server Management, your tickets get the most elevated need of all help asks for as standard.
Number of outbound messages everyday point of confinement to abstain from spamming.

HCD is a company who comprehends that everybody in this world is remarkable and along these lines they all have special necessities. We needed to accommodate a substantial gathering of a group of onlookers under one rooftop and that is the reason we have composed our Add-on Services such that can be fitted and suited with your one of a kind prerequisite.

In spite of the fact that we are not impeccable and nobody in this world, it is conceivable that your novel necessity isn’t recorded in our Add-on Services, however, we respect your prerequisite if it’s not recorded and we endeavor to get that going under Custom satisfaction, and you may do as such by composing back to us.

When it comes to Operating System, we want you to be compliant, with legal policy usage issued by Operating System Vendors. In case if you wish to use your own licenses you are welcome to do so. But if you don't have Operating System Licenses, you may opt for this Add-on and have your Dedicated Server to be fully compliant with Legal Policies and can enjoy the benefit of receiving updates for the OS Patches and Vulnerabilities.
  • Windows Server 2003 Standard
  • Windows Server 2008 Standard
  • Windows Server 2012 Standard
A similar way like any other Operating System, if you plan to use Virtualization Technology to get the most out of from our Dedicated Server resources, we recommend VMware the market leader virtualization. In case if you wish to use your own licenses you are welcome to do so. But if you don't have VMware Licenses, you may opt for this Add-on and have your Dedicated Server to be fully compliant with Legal Policies and can enjoy the benefit.
  • VMware ESXi Essentials
This is a great choice, in case your requirement on Dedicated Server to host unlimited websites and you don't have much system admin skills. For Linux Dedicated Servers, you may choose cPanel and for Windows Dedicated Servers, you may choose Plesk Control Panel.
When it comes to security, we don't want you to comprise, neither do we. Hence adding Trend Micro Antivirus Enterprise Security for Endpoints, would be a great choice and this will protect your Dedicated Server, whether its Windows or Linux, from Malware / Viruses / Spyware / Trojans / Vulnerabilities and other Web Threats.
Security is again our concern and we believe yours as well. By default, all the ports for the incoming and outgoing traffic are open, since we don't know what services and on what ports you plan to run on your Dedicated Server, which makes hackers/attackers to target your Server. To protect from all that you may wish to add a hardware level firewall security. A maximum of 20 rules can be implemented for every single Public IP. You may choose what all ports and protocols to be allowed or blocked for the IP assignment on your Dedicated Server. Please note that: HCD owns the responsibility to configure the firewall rules at our end. When any firewall rules to be allowed/blocked, you may open a ticket with us to be implemented.
Left out your worries to us!! .We will do it for you. Our Support team will assist you and will do the needful, so you can focus on your business growth. We take a lead to manage your Dedicated Server and will do all the required things to have your business up and running. For more detailed information on Manage Support Services, please refer to the Next Tab - Managed Services.
One can request maximum for 2 more additional Public IP addresses. ( For a total of 3 , the first one will be assigned when one will setup the server and after that 2 more additional IPs )
By default your Dedicated Server, comes with 100GB backup storage for Essentials Dedicated Server Range and for rest of the other Server Range, you get 500GB. Beyond that we provide backup storage till 10TB, you may require opting for this add-on if you fall short with the default backup storage.
Dedicated Server depicts a physical server with a desired operating system empowering custom configurations with a public IP address. This Server is the most-capable, most-secure alternative for corporate /people looking for the ideal level of security and protection and the speediest execution. A dedicated server is selective and not imparted to some other client, service or application
Whenever security or business needs your site and application be housed individually private server, without sharing assets; it’s the ideal opportunity for a Dedicated Server. Get the advantage of dealing with your own Dedicated Server without the test of setup, security, and upkeep.
cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel that gives a graphical interface and robotization apparatuses intended to streamline the way toward hosting a site, comparable way Plesk is a Windows-based web Hosting Control Panel.
In the event that you are not ready to choose the privilege Dedicated Server Hardware Configuration, contact our sales team, they will gladly help you to get chosen the correct configuration which suits the best available hardware available.
When you join in and make the payment for the Dedicated Server, the setup procedure will be attempted quickly by our team. We’ll plan to have your Dedicated Servers prepared for use within 24 hours, yet it’s frequently considerably speedier.
No, there is no money back guarantee on this hosting product.
In the event that you at present have a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting account with HCD, and you are looking for more security and power; you can undoubtedly move up to our Dedicated Server any point of time. Fully Managed clients get complimentary migration of your data from your present account to your new server.
We provide total support for the issues that are related to Boot, Network, Hardware, Login and Re-installation of your Dedicated Server. This also includes groundwork exploration of any system exploits with the staff available 24×7.
Our datacenter is situated at North America/France/Germany/Australia/Poland/Singapore/United Kingdom and we have an infrastructure support team to deal with our servers. All Our different Teams, Support, Sales and Billing accessible 24×7 and works out from India.
We offer backup storage for the reason of maintenance of the backups and the storage will be mounted locally to your dedicated server over the network as NFS mount points. The storage space comes to your server from our NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, so that during collide of your dedicated server the backup information remains protected and reachable from any spot. You can order up to 10TB backup storage from our Add-on Services.
We permit speeds of up to 1Gbps on each server’s network port.
We just issue IP addresses past the third on a restricted basis— as per ARIN controls, every IP on a server must have a business justification, for example, a SSL certificate. Because of these directions, we can just designate extra IPs if the majority of your present IPs (with the exception of one) has a business justification.
You generally have whatever number choices as could be allowed, HCD presents to you a wide choice of dispersions, offered and routinely refreshed by us. A portion of the OS may not be accessible for installation relying on the dedicated server that you have requested as it won’t be perfect with your hardware configuration. Linux Windows Virtualization Debian Windows Server 2012 VMware ESXi Ubuntu Server Windows Server 2012 R2 Citrix Xen Server Ubuntu Desktop Windows Server 2008 R2 Promox VE Centos Windows Server 2008 R2 Core SolusVM Fedora Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Gentoo Microsoft Hyper-V SmartOS (Beta)