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  • hostcafeday
  • October 8, 2020

Do You Really Need a VPS Hosting? Let’s Checkout

Have you digitalized your business? Does your website enjoy a lot of traffic?

Yes? Then maybe it’s time to upgrade your hosting plan. If you don’t want to upgrade it to dedicated hosting then the best option for you is to go for VPS hosting plans.

Don’t know much about VPS Hosting? Don’t worry, slide your screen a bit and you will get the answer to all your confusion.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a hybrid of shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. Are you thinking about how it is a hybrid? Let me throw some light on it. In shared web hosting, you have to share server and resources with other users. Shared hosting is cost-effective and it is basically for those who are beginners and are not expecting high traffic.

In dedicated web hosting, you can have all the server space and server resources only accessible to you. It is basically for large business which is expecting huge traffic and it is expensive also in comparison to all other hosting plans.

Virtual Private Server lies between these two types of web hosting and enjoys the benefits of both. Here are the 3 reasons why VPS Hosting might be exactly what you’re looking for.

1) Scalable

The important thing in any business is that its growth is flexible. You can never know when your business starts earning a huge profit. And to make it more you expand the business. If we talk about doing business online, in that case also while expanding you will look for upgrading affordable web hosting plans also. Earlier maybe you had a shared hosting plan but due to an increase in traffic on your website, you can easily upgrade your plan to VPS hosting. With the fluctuation in business, you can change your hosting plans.

2) Control

In VPS hosting you don’t have to share your server with others and that gives you control. Because VPS gives you the possibility of root access, downloading and upgrading your applications, running batch files, making backups, customizing your control panel, and updating any software as you see fit.

3) Cost-effective

Want to have a server all to yourself but by paying less amount? Then VPS hosting is the answer for you. The cost of VPS lies between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting plans are a bit expensive than shared hosting but they are less expensive if compared with dedicated hosting.

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