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  • January 28, 2021

Does Web Hosting Company Affect SEO of Your Website?

Nowadays, enterprises’ sole aim is to gain visitors and be on the top of search results. If you wonder how that can be possible, then the answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Do you want to know more about it? Then let’s look at the basic meaning of SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is done to generate organic traffic on your website by increasing your website’s rank. Let’s explore more.

If you are thinking about what can affect your website’s SEO, then a web hosting plan is the one that can affect the SEO of your website. Here’s some light on why a reliable host is needed for your website.

1) Server Downtime/Uptime

Server downtime is a curse for every website. If your server is down for a long time, it will bring down the website, which will become the reason for losing your potential customers. Server downtime is because of the wrong web hosting provider.

This will result in decreasing your website’s rank. So, it depends on you which web hosting company you will choose. Choose the one which offers 99.99% uptime. This will help improve your website’s ranking no matter what hosting plan you are choosing – Linux shared hosting, VPS hosting, or any other.

2) Page loading time

If your website is taking more than a minute, then chances are your web hosting company is giving you slow page loading services, which is not favorable for you.

If your website takes time to load, you will lose your customers, and your ranking will come down. The fast loading website has chances to convert visitors into customers.

3) Hosting plans

If you want to expand your business, then you should choose the right web hosting plan. It will help if you avoid a shared hosting plan because, in shared hosting, you will have to share the server and resources with multiple users. And due to that, your website might not be able to handle the traffic. In the end, all these will end up with a decrease in SEO ranking. So, choose the company which can offer you other hosting plans, and don’t forget to check what else they have to provide you with.

4) Set up Geo-Targeting

This tool will help you to reach out to your targeted audience irrespective of your server location. Isn’t this amazing? Choose the company which will be able to provide you with Linux web hosting services.

Final Words

The right web hosting company can take your business to new heights. On the other hand, the wrong one can also destroy you. So, while choosing the Web Hosting Company, you have to consider all the points that are mentioned above. The right choice will be able to boost your SEO ranking, which is necessary for online business.

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