Let’s give a professional make over to your business with our business email services!
  • hostcafeday
  • October 10, 2019

Let’s give a professional make over to your business with our business email services!

If you are new to the term business email, know that it is simply your email id which incorporates your company name within it i.e., yourname@yourcompanyname.com. You and your employees will have this kind of email address format. Additionally, the extra email functionality given by a business email software will enhance your business. We at Host Cafe Day offer business email software package services. This brings the following benefits to your business.

Professional touch: With a business email id, your email communications with your stakeholders and customers become more professional and convincing.

Serves as a form of advertising

A business email id makes your business name visible with every email communication. This promotes brand awareness, especially if yours is a small business.

Convenient accessibility

A business email software package allows you to access your business email online from any computer. This way, you can work even when you are away from office or your laptop runs out of power.

Useful features

A business email software package from Host Cafe Day comes with a lot of useful features such as huge data storage, big attachment size (50 MB), effortless collaboration (via an user-friendly interface and high-responsiveness), web mail, security, virus scanning, intuitive and responsive design, uptime service (99.99%), 24×7 support, catch-all-email feature, multi-language support, task backup, spam filtering, etc., which will enhance the functioning of your business.

Storage Space

Depending upon your requirement, your business email service provider can customize the storage space.

Trust Generation

A business email account makes your business more trustworthy for your customers than a free mail account. This is because of the professional look rendered by the domain name (your company’s name).


The benefits you enjoy through having a business email package are abundant for the price you pay (starting at Rs.35 only per month). Thus, this service offers true value for your money.

24×7 Support

Host Cafe Day offers 24×7 support, where you can contact their team of experts by opening a ticket, through chat, or by sending them a mail. The team will immediately work to fix your issues.

So, get in touch with Host Cafe Day to create a business email id and customize a business email package for you! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee with an assurance of our excellent services.