₹ 49.00/mo @ 3 Years
  • Storage- 250MB
  • Domains- 1
  • Sub-Domains- 1
  • Parked Domains- 1
  • Unlimited- Databases
  • Unmetered- Traffic
  • Unlimited- Email Accounts
  • (.asia, .site, .xyz)
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  • ACE
    ₹ 99.00/mo @ 3 Years
  • Storage- 500MB
  • Domains- 3
  • Sub-Domains- 3
  • Parked Domains- 3
  • Unlimited- Databases
  • Unmetered- Traffic
  • Unlimited- Email Accounts
  • (.asia, .site, .xyz)
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  • EXL
    ₹ 149.00/mo @ 3 Years
  • Storage- 750MB
  • Domains- 5
  • Sub-Domains- 5
  • Parked Domains- 5
  • Unlimited- Databases
  • Unmetered- Traffic
  • Unlimited- Email Accounts
  • (.asia, .site, .xyz)
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  • PRO
    ₹ 199.00/mo @ 3 Years
  • Storage- 1GB
  • Domains- 10
  • Sub-Domains- 10
  • Parked Domains- 10
  • Unlimited- Databases
  • Unmetered- Traffic
  • Unlimited- Email Accounts
  • (.asia, .site, .xyz)
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    ₹ 249.00/mo @ 3 Years
  • Storage- 5GB
  • Domains- Unlimited
  • Sub-Domains- Unlimited
  • Parked Domains- Unlimited
  • Unlimited- Databases
  • Unlimited- Traffic
  • Unlimited- Email Accounts
  • (.asia, .site, .xyz, .com)
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    ₹ 349.00/mo @ 3 Years
  • Storage- 10GB
  • Domains- Unlimited
  • Sub-Domains- Unlimited
  • Parked Domains- Unlimited
  • Unlimited- Databases
  • Unlimited- Traffic
  • Unlimited- Email Accounts
  • (.asia, .site, .xyz, .com)
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    ₹ 449.00/mo @ 3 Years
  • Storage- 15GB
  • Domains- Unlimited
  • Sub-Domains- Unlimited
  • Parked Domains- Unlimited
  • Unlimited- Databases
  • Unlimited- Traffic
  • Unlimited- Email Accounts
  • (.asia, .site, .xyz, .com)
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    ₹ 549.00/mo @ 3 Years
  • Storage- 20GB
  • Domains- Unlimited
  • Sub-Domains- Unlimited
  • Parked Domains- Unlimited
  • Unlimited- Databases
  • Unlimited- Traffic
  • Unlimited- Email Accounts
  • (.asia, .site, .xyz, .com)
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Security Features

Host Cafe Day presents the most amazingly priced shared hosting packages which render excellently running websites for those firms, individuals and enterprises whose needs do not demand dedicated servers. Here is a range of services and robust hardware and infrastructure to give our customers a streamlined hosting experience which is safe, secure, fast and reliable.


Free Domain Name

  • Register your brand new domain or transfer your existing domain to us that are free of cost.

Free SSL Certificate

  • SSL Certificate is a symbol of security &trust. Let your customers trust you. Protect your website and your visitor’s confidential data with free SSL Certificate. It will boost your website ranking too.

Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)

  • Cloudflare has built the cutting-edge Content Delivery Network. It’s Platform was outlined and worked to incorporate developing advance technologies to guarantee our clients get the most exceptional protocols on the web; today and tomorrow.

Free Site Migration

  • Not satisfied with your service provider? Let us offer you the best services switch to Host Café Day we will do the safe & secure migration for you to our server without any charges.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • We are offering you the best hosting services but still if we lack then we guarantee you full refund within 30 days of signing up with no questions asked. We are not going to disappoint you.

99.9% Uptime

  • Your Site’s uptime is the highest priority for us. We stand by that fact that with our uptime guarantee! We are committing 99.9% uptime here.

24x7 Tech Support

  • Let our professional admins assist you whenever its needed by live chat and ticket. All you need to do is log your ticket &we will help you with the resolutions of your queries.


  • Our datacenters are located in France. Bandwidth and its redundancy will not be a question and being your website hosted there, you will not face any downtime.

Anti-DDoS Security

  • HCD Distributed Denial of Service protection (DDoS) guards against external attacks, which can cause your site to be no longer accessible. HCD actively recognizes these massive attacks and promptly implements the necessary counter-measures before they reach the server on which your site is hosted.

Cloud Linux OS

  • Let’s keep your website online with accurately balanced CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits. With HCD you will get a balanced platform for your site.

cPanel Control Panel

  • Host Café Day is providing you a user friendly control panel, with that you can easily manage your website, emails , databases domains , sub-domains and a lot with cPanel control panel.


  • You will get almost 300 applications (WordPress , Joomla, Drupal etc.). All these applications can be installed with one click. If you need to install any application just click and its done. Easiest way to install the required applications.

Latest PHP & MySQL / MariaDB

  • We make available the latest, most stable and the most compatible versions of PHP & MySQL on all our servers.

Website Backup & Restore – INR 49/- month (Add-on)

  • Backup is an assurance that you might need in the hour of disaster recovery. We are offering you hosted backup solution with the minimal fee so that you can relax and concentrate on your work rather paying attentions to backups. We will take care of your data (files , folders, databases & emails ) in background.

SSD Drives

  • Experience faster page loads with our 100% SSD disks as all your website data is hosted on SSD drive.SSD Tech is a market leader for faster speed and with the help of it, your website can get a boost of 10x speed.

Raid 5 Storage

  • RAID 5 is a renowned term and same has been implemented in our servers to make sure that at any point of time we don’t lose your data not even a single byte. This technology prevents data loss at times of disk failures.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

In Shared Web Hosting, numerous customers are hosted on a single server i.e. the customers share the server’s asset. This diminishes the cost, since the cost of the server and its assets are spread over every one of the customers/bundles hosted on the server. Shared Hosting is ideal for individual sites, little and fair-sized organizations that don’t require the power specs of a server.

How does web hosting work?

When you buy a Web hosting plan, HCD stores your website on one of our servers and relegates it a special DNS. The DNS fills in as the address that enables individuals around the globe to discover and see your site. This one of a kind address is required with the end goal for individuals to see your site.

By buying a site hosting bundle, you’re fundamentally purchasing space on one of our servers. It’s like the space on a PC’s hard drive, however, the server enables your site’s records to be published from anyplace.

What is Cloud Linux OS?

Cloud Linux OS is the main platform for multitenancy. It enhances server solidness, density, and security by secluding each tenant and giving them apportioned server assets. This makes a situation that feels more like a virtual server than a shared hosting account.

What is Softaculous?

1 Click applications installation like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and part more for free through Softaculous inside cPanel.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel that gives a graphical interface and automates devices intended to improve the way toward hosting a site. cPanel offers web Hosting programming that robotizes the unpredictable workings of web hosting servers. This arrangement helps server heads with instruments to give a top of line hosting to clients on a huge number of servers around the world.

What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a vast circulated arrangement of servers that are set up in numerous server farms over the world. CDN delivers website pages and other content in view of the geographic areas of the client, the cause of the page and where the content delivery server is found.
The content is replicated rapidly if the CDN server is near the client topographically. This is particularly important for dynamic content, for example, pictures or extreme or busy e-commerce sites.
By utilizing a CDN, you put static content as near the guest as could reasonably be expected. This thus diminishes the page stack time the guest encounters by a huge amount.

What is a sub-domain?

A sub-domain adds the following level to your area name. For example, we claim the principle domain name – www.hcd.com and our sub-domains are – tutorials.hcd.com and affiliates.hcd.com. Likewise, you can make sub-domains that point to various sites or diverse subdomains of your site like a blog, discussion or a help page.

What is Parked Domains?

A parked domain is an alias domain that focuses on the client’s prime domain. At the point when clients open up a parked domain, the primary site shows. For instance, cpanel.com is a parked domain that focuses on http://www.cpanel.net/

Is my traffic truly unlimited?

Uplink speed is not an issue on our Datacenter network. All the features and plans that we are selling include boundless data transmission, which means however busy your website is you, will not have to pay for more to upgrade the bandwidth.

Is my information safe? Do you take backups?

Indeed, we do take backups yet as a feature of our Disaster Management, not for the clients. We prescribe you to choose Backup and Restore Add-on Service and leave this job on us.

How does Backup and Restore Add-on works?

Backups are the crucial element of every business. The moment you subscribe for this add-on, our Team
will configure the backup for your account at our end. As a standard policy for all our clients we take
every day backup and keep the backup data till 14 restoration points, where 1 point = 1 day. Our Backup
job runs at midnight IST every day.
When there is a need for you to recover the data or any particular files, you simply need to open a
support ticket with us to do the recovery and our Support Team will do the rest in coordination with

Do you offer SSH get to?

No, right now, we don’t give SSH get to. In any case, the vast majority of the tasks can be effortlessly accomplished with utilizing your Hosting Control Panel – cPanel.

Can you help me to transfer my site from another web hosting company?

Beyond any doubt, we can! We will give all of you the important help for migration your site from another web hosting company. You should simply connect with our customer support after your new hosting accounts is set up and give them your old hosting account login data.

Can I divide my Shared Hosting package and resell it?

While a Shared Hosting package can’t be utilized for this reason, you can without much of a stretch resell custom hosting with our Reseller Hosting. To perceive our Reseller Hosting designs, click here.

Can I have multiple Web sites inside one Shared Hosting plan?

Indeed! Our shared hosting plan enables you to have in excess of one Website, by including secondary domains through your hosting control panel i.e. cPanel.

Can I purchase a web hosting bundle without a domain name?

Truly you can. You can purchase any web hosting package through HCD to use with an effectively enrolled Domain name. You can likewise enroll just domain names with us.

I already own a domain name can I use it with the new web hosting account?

Truly you can. Regardless of whether you have your domains officially enrolled somewhere else, you can agree to accept any web hosting package with us to have them.

I am being offered free domain name yet I don't need them, what do I do?

On the off chance that you don’t need a free domain, you don’t need to do anything, you can simply choose not to use that free domain.

Can I Install applications on my web hosting account?

Truly you can. All our cPanel hosting packages are outfitted with a wide range of applications that you can install from through Softaculous inside cPanel control panel. On the off chance that your coveted application isn’t accessible inside Softaculous, you can install it all alone as long as the necessities of the applications are in a state of harmony with your web hosting package specifications.

What happens to my domains if I cancel the hosting?

It’s your call! On the off chance that you don’t wish to use or renew the domain names after the cancelation of web hosting bundle, you can give them a chance to terminate. Nonetheless, in the event that you need to keep the area names even in the wake of canceling the web hosting package, you can keep utilizing them by paying the standard domain renewal charges.

If I as of now have a site, would i be able to transfer it to your web hosting?

Moving your site to HCD is a straightforward procedure. On the off chance that you approach your current site records, you can transfer them through our Hosting Control Center or by means of a FTP client. In the event that you don’t have a copy of your site, you need to request it from your current hosting provider.

How much the internet bandwidth will be assigned for my site?

All our servers are facilitated in TEIR 111 server farms. Every one of our servers are associated through fiber optic links. Which carries speed from 500mbps burstable up to 1gbps.

Is number of database instance truly unlimited?

Yes, it is unlimited yet subject to our fair usage policy. By Default, there is a restriction been set to avoid (Stop spamming and all) and henceforth the no. of instances you can create is multiplied by 10 times of the domains been assigned to your subscription. For instance, on the off chance that you purchase an UNO bundle under shared hosting: 1 *10 = 10. But we commit to give you unlimited no of instances gave in the event that you can legitimize your use with rules to our fair usage policy.