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2 Email account free

Price / Year



2 Email account free

Price / Year

Acquire online presence in 3 simple steps

Search a domain name

Find the perfect domain name for your brand and let your customers find you easily.

Buy Domain at an affordable price

Buy the best and relevant domain name for your business at an affordable price.

Domain Management

Alter the settings of name servers, Auto-Renewal and Who Is privacy at your own end.


Free email account

  • With our free email account feature, one can avail two personalized email addresses with the spam and virus protection.

Free mail forwarding

  • With the free email forwarding feature, you can create professional email forwards which help in automatically forwarding your email to the existing email accounts. You got the ability to create unique customized addresses when forwarding to the multiple recipients. If you want to keep it straight and simple, then forward everything to individual inbox destination.

Domain Theft Protection

  • Protect your domain from being transferred to any other registrar without your permission or any approval. With our domain protection service, we systematically update your domain to the status in which transfers are not allowed. Our domain theft protection will deny all the transfer requests coming in the way.

DNS Management

  • During our domain registration, our services include the use of a free DNS server which has the ability to manage the entire records of a DNS such as NS, A, CNAME, MX as well as wildcard entries in real-time. You can easily edit the comprehensive DNS Zone file via our domain control panel. So, keep the heights of your domain up and as well as running faster.

Domain Forwarding

  • Domain forwarding is really a good feature for generating maximum traffic and increasing the visibility of your business in the search engines. We enable the feature of domain name forwarding to any page, URL or directory without purchasing additional hosting accounts. So, you can easily redirect the user when they type your domain name into a browser.

Easy to use Control Panel

  • The domain management gets easier with our advanced control panel. With the help of our control panel, you can make as many changes you want to the multiple domains by selecting and editing them at once. So, if you use this automated control panel, you hold the full control over the domain names you choose.

Privacy Protection

  • We believe that a domain name is an essential asset for many online ventures. So, we provide Domain Privacy Protection to hide the registrant details from many spammers as well as fraudsters. We verify every single move of the registrant by sending them emails on the time of incorrect authorizing.

No hidden fees

  • We do not throw any extra charge on buying our services as we don't have any hidden fees criteria. Our prices are already consistently low and we do not hit with inflated renewal costs of any services. Our registrations and renewal costs are almost same.

Transfer Domain

Ready for a change? Transfer your domain to hostcafeday today and save big. We enable your domain registration and billing to move from your current domain provider to Host Cafe Day. Add one more year on the account of domain transfer to renew it automatically. You would manage all aspects of your domain which includes renewal, cancellation or any future domain transfer.

So, transferring your domain name to hostcafeday is easy. Our managing feature for all the services at one place makes the task smooth and much better. With the hostcafeday, you are able to manage everything from your domain name to the virtual private server using our control panel.


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WHOIS Look Up?

Your personal information avail on the public can make you the victim of hackers, spammers as well as data miners. To keep your personal information secure, Host Cafe Day offers WHOIS domain privacy along with the domain registration as well as transfer. It means if anyone who creates a WHOIS lookup for your domain name will find our own generated contact information which is not yours.

Achieve better peace of mind with our well-designed WHOIS lookup services. Choose Host Cafe Day as your reliable WHOIS provider.


Who own it?

What is a domain name?

A Domain name is generally the name of your website. It is the address which locates the website of a specific person or some organization. Basically, it is a long and complicated IP address which is difficult to remember as it is a series of number. Therefore, we use domain names which will eventually direct the internet user to that specific IP address.

Why do I need a domain name?

Getting a domain name is a way to acquire exposure for your business. If your business says discounts and offers on special occassions, so, setting up a website and using the words “Hurry Up and get big discounts” will definitely help you attain to reach out to more and more people. So, you should use the web as a marketing channel and this is how the domain name works to uplift your business.

How to choose a domain name?

A domain name is more than your address so you should choose it wisely. The domain is the unique place where the users look for clues about your business. Therefore, it should reflect your business identity in the name. So, if you would like to help your potential clients to let them find you in the top searches, you must be choosing a domain name that is unique, easy to say and spell.

How to register a domain?

It’s not a big deal to register a domain. What you actually need is to first make an account on HCD and search your idealistic good domain name for your business to ensure the availability of your desired domain. Connect with us and get a lot more options.

What's the best domain name length to consider?

Technically, there is a limit to domain length with the minimum and maximum of one as well as 63 characters respectively. You can visit our website and view our guidelines on picking a great domain name.

Do I need to buy all domain extensions?

Its a big dilemma for those who are starting out a new business that we should buy all the domain extension. But this is not necessary, you can buy your choice domain extensions. There are some handful of domain extensions who have few restrictions that you can only purchase them if you have some authorization or match some certain criteria e.g. (.gov, .edu and .mil). Rest you can buy according to your choice.

What is TLD and what are its types?

Top level domains are basically referred to the last segment of a domain name or can say, the part that comes immediately after the “dot” symbol.

There are generally three types of TLDs such as ccTLDs, gTLDs, and nTLDs. ccTLDs (country code TLDs) are the top-level domains that represent the geographic location of a website. These domains have a very restricted presence. Coming to gTLDs, this generic top-level domain provides an alternative to the .com,.org domain extensions which have been used for so many years and these are .nyc, .tech. The last, NLDs, these are the most recent addition in the list of domain extensions. These are similar to the generic top-level domains.

How will I manage my entire domains?

When you get connected with our HCD (Host Cafe Day), then we provide you the portal which is very user-friendly. Now, within this portal, you have the option to renew your domain automatically. You can manage the servers, setup registrar lock as well as DNS.

My domain name is in redemption: What does it mean?

When you buy a domain name from HCD (Host Cafe Day), then you buy it for a certain period of time like 1 year or 3 years. Once your specific time period is over, then you have been given a grace period within which you have to renew your domain name. So, this is known as the redemption period and within this same period, you can retrieve your domain by paying the redemption fee+ renewal account fee.