Revamp your Business Site during the COVID-19 Crisis
Revamp your Business Site during the COVID-19
  • hostcafeday
  • October 24, 2020

It’s Time to Revamp your Business Site during the COVID-19 Crisis

Planning to move your business online or revamp your existing website? If yes, then you are on the right path. Having a professional and reliable website will help you to continue bringing in revenue.

Especially when businesses are forced to close their physical locations due to COVID-19 pandemic, customers can’t shop in person.

Is your website highly maintained? Is your website have relevant content with fast-loading pages?

If no, then get ready to face the consequences. Your website can face performance issues or even crash of your website’s server anytime. So, it’s high time to revamp your website while your brick-and-mortar location is temporarily closed.

To help you out, we have a rundown of some effective tips for you:

Website Speed Optimization

Slow loading page may become frustrating, and your visitor can leave rather than wait around. No matter if you’ve optimized your website’s loading time earlier, your page speed insight will give you an idea of specific areas for improvement.

Even check your web hosting services as well, it highly influences the site’s performance. Learn how to assess your hosting plan in the next section.

Evaluate Your Hosting Plan

Small businesses usually prefer to choose inexpensive shared hosting plans. Are you one of them? If yes, then you must ensure if your server can handle a large volume of visitors. Otherwise, a sudden traffic spike could crash your server.

So, regularly check Google Analytics or other data to analyze the website traffic. In case of a significant increase in website traffic, consider moving to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

Work on Website’s SEO

Improving your site’s SEO will help your customers to find your website easily. The feel is different when you see your online content as the first result when searching your business name on Google.

This needs some form of SEO including use of SEO-friendly keywords, incorporating keywords related to your brand name, meta descriptions, alt text, internal and external links throughout your website to build the online presence.

Accurate and Relevant Content

Apart from technical updates, go through your website pages and check if the content on your website is accurate and relevant.

Whenever you make any changes to your business, then make sure update it on the website such as phone number, email address and more. Keep replacing outdated statistics and actively post new contents.

Start Selling Products or Services Online

If you want to increase revenue during COVID-19-related shutdowns, then start moving your products or services online. Turning your website into a full online store requires a significant investment of your time and efforts.

You may have to perform different tasks, including creating product pages for your merchandise, payment gateways set up such as PayPal and Stripe, digital marketing campaign launch and more. You may have to upgrade your hosting plan as well according to the requirement.

Consider the tips mentioned above to make your website look reliable and professional. If you have any queries related to web hosting plans, feel free to contact us.