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Check domain eligibility

Type the domain name to verify whether the domain name is eligible to transfer.


Unlock the domain while obtaining the EPP code from the current registrar.


Complete the transfer while adding the domain to the cart and proceeding to checkout.

You might want some more services from your current domain provider so we are here to make some processes possible for you.

Manage Domains

We avail our services in such a way that the whole process of managing domain becomes easy. So, having centralized multiple domains can simplify your tasks.

Cost of domain transfer

It includes the time you have already left with the previous domain registration plus an extra year registration with the current domain registrar.

More add-ons stuff with domain transfer

While domain transferring, get some benefits such as free extras, e-mail forwarding, DNS management, unlimited sub-domains, domain privacy as well as personalized email addresses.

Super easy control panel

Our easy-to-use control panel enables you to manage your own domain name, helps in configuring email accounts, renewing domain name as well as dealing with some more services.

Low-cost pricing

We also offer the lowest prices in the industry which contains neither hidden fees nor any instant increase in the renewal price. We clearly display our prices from our end.

Independence to move

We don’t make anyone tied up with our services. If they wish to move their domain at any point of time then they absolutely can and we won’t charge a single penny from them.



Initially, you need to verify whether the domain name is eligible to transfer. To check its eligibility, you need to sign in to your existing registrar and check whether it follows the initial registration of the domain name that should be at least 60 days ago and the domain has been with your current Registrar for at least 60 days. As per the ICANN’s policy on the domain transfers between registrars, domains that are less than 60 days old and are transferred within the last 60 days cannot be transferred.


Next step is to prepare the domain for transfer. Here, you need to unlock your domain while removing the registrar lock you have put on for the security. In this case, you need to obtain the auth code from the current registrar. You need to contact if you are unable to request the EPP code with the registrar.


Now, you need to submit the request transfer through your hostcafeday account. Enter your domain name as well as auth code and click on start transferring and hostcafeday verifies whether the domain is ready to transfer so, will return the results. Prior to the checkout, you can also apply the coupon on to it.
The owner will approve the transfer request and the domain will obtain the ‘pending transfer’ status. So, the transfers will get automatically confirmed within 5-10 days and it gets completed within additional 24-48 hours.

Your domain name is the address you have on the server. Suppose a guest is arriving at your place. If you don’t have the address, then you would have a difficult time finding you. In a very similar fashion, if your website doesn’t have an address, it is impossible for many online users to find you. A domain transfer enables you to change the registrar of a domain to a newly designated domain registrar. When you get into the process of domain transfer, the entire domain billing, as well as administration information, also get moved to the new domain registrar.
If you want a successful running of your business, then the online presence of your business plays a vital role. You want to have the best domain provider for your business. Your host must provide round-the-clock service and suits the entire company needs. If it doesn’t seem to be that host which is satisfactory for your business, then you consider transferring your domain name to another host. It is due to the quality of the host varies greatly from one provider to another. One needs to consider the reliability factor as well as the level of service and in the end, the package price would change many’s minds.
Transferring domain names to hostcafeday are super easy. But before transferring, one needs to take care of the fact such as the domain name must’ve been registered at least 60 days ago as well as it couldn’t be transferred within the last 60 days. You must have got the domain name’s authorization/EPP code from the current registrar and it can be unlocked. Hostcafe day recommends that you backup all of the content with your current domain as this will not be done by your new host. The whole process time will take around 5 to 7 days. If you got any trouble between the domain transfer, then our support team is always here to answer your entire queries.
The whole process of domain transfer itself is free. Once you land on to our HCD services, you don’t pay for any additional cost on the account of moving your domain. In fact, we provide an additional full year of registration of your domain name when you transfer your existing domain name to hostcafeday. So, we automatically renew your existing domain contract.
You can check our pricing on our website as we charge annually on the maintenance upon the expiration of your domain.
An EPP code is the domain authorization code which acts as extra security layer on the domain name registration. It is assigned by the registrar at the time of the registration and is unique. The role of EPP code comes into play when you need to transfer a domain from one registrar to the another.
The remaining term you have with your current registrar will not be lost at any cost. It gets carried over with hostcafeday. Additionally, your domain will be renewed for a whole one year as part of the transfer. Another one thing to notice is that if your domain gets expired with the old registrar and you make it renew, then you should not transfer the domain within 45 days from the previous expiration date. It is due to we won’t add an extra year to the domain name in such cases.
The biggest worry of many is SEO ranking while transferring a domain. Keep in mind that as long as your domain name doesn’t change, your ranking won’t get affected in any case. The SEO authority will remain unaffected by your domain transfer. If you have any doubt in such cases, you don’t cancel your previous hosting account until the completion of the domain transfer.