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Unleash the Power of VPS Hosting

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Stronger Performance with the best Host Cafe Day Virtual Private Server Infrastructure

hostcafeday  Customize resources to your requirements (optional)

hostcafeday CPU

1 core

hostcafeday RAM

1 GB

hostcafeday SSD


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If you wish to add or configure the addons then you can attain it on purchasing any of the plan.

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VPS Includes

CPU core
IPs 1
Total 19.00/month


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our framework stages utilize just the most astounding quality cutting edge parts from brands like HP, Intel, Solid Fire and F5 Networks. We will likely make our items as safeguard as conceivable and in this way ensuring no less than 99.9% accessibility and significance your servers and business run easily.

24*7*365 Support

Drop an email or open a ticket we will help you and fix the issues for you. Our in-house bolster group will settle all your facilitating related issues.

Free VPS Migration

Our specialists will relocate every one of your information from your old supplier to HCD VPS facilitating. You won’t be charged extra for the relocation undertaking.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Absolutely no hazard in attempting our administrations. On the off chance that you are most certainly not 100% fulfilled, we’ll cheerfully discount your cash!

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited free movement without throttling. Despite the movement volume upstream or downstream, movement will dependably stay free with the greatest transfer speed accessible.

DDOS Protection

HCD server farms are among the most secure and generally present day. Repetitive innovation ensures brilliant dependability, while complex safety efforts defend your information.

Speediest SSD Drives

Our VPS bundles known for unwavering quality and speed, with SSD drive stockpiling as standard. Strong State Drive stockpiling is up to 20x speedier than standard hard plate stockpiling.

Forefront Equipment

All our fundamental physical servers are prepared with most recent Processors and RAM

KVM Virtualization

HCD Virtual Servers utilize the main virtualization innovation from KVM Virtualization. KVM ensures most extreme execution with the most elevated dependability and accessibility. In case of equipment disappointment, administrations are naturally reestablished in seconds, without manual mediation.

No Setup Fee

All the Linux Hosting VPS servers are sent consequently so there is no extra setup cost. You simply need to pay the value given on the site for the best VPS facilitating plan.

Moment Provisioning

Get up and running in seconds. Our KVM Virtualization VPS servers are intended to arrange instantly

Simple to Upgrade/Downgrade

Our VPS designs are anything but difficult to redesign and downsize. This implies you can rapidly and effectively change your VPS design as your asset, plate space and transfer speed prerequisites change.

Choice of Linux / Windows

Choose between various Linux and Windows distributions such as: CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu / Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 / Windows 2012 and more.

Dedicated IP Address

Every VPS plan that you purchase comes with a dedicated IP Address, along with an option to buy additional IP Addresses.

Full Administrator Privileges

Connect directly using SSH, Remote Desktop Services and via Console and get control of full Root / Administrator Access over the entire Operating System.

Simple Control Panel

Your VPS accompanies a Panel in customer territory, to execute errands by your own particular, for example, Power Off/Power On/Restart, and so forth

Forgotten your stresses to us!! You don’t have room schedule-wise to be a System Admin. Our committed Advanced Hosting Support group can carry out that activity for you, so you can center around your customers. We take a prompt deal with your Virtual Private Servers and will do all the expected things to have your business up and running.

You simply need to sit and unwind!! You can oversee server setups, make reinforcements and screen your VPS by yourself. On the other hand, you could allow us incomplete, or root gets to so that our experts can do this errand for you. Check our administration choices and their highlights. You can pick the one that suits your requirements amid the checkout process.


Monthly Cost

Proactive Monitoring


Kernel Patching without Reboot

VPS Server Setup

Third Party Software Installation

VPS Migration

Lamp Core Service Support

Malware, Virus Detection and Protection


Premium Support

SMTP e-Mail Relays










Administration cost notwithstanding the aggregate cost of your server and other Add-on’s.
As a matter, of course, DDOS Monitoring and Mitigation is incorporated into every one of the bundles, aside from DDOS under Managed and Fully Managed we ensure that general host server stays dynamic and running and furthermore we utilize Ping and different advancements to ensure your servers effectively reacting to demands.
We tell you as and when the most recent Operating System security patches and against any OS Vulnerability gets accessible to fix the VPS Server as and when you give us the window, we do the needful.
This is pertinent just for Linux Operating Systems, ordinarily bit patches require a reboot, with this component we will fix your bit with security refreshes without rebooting your server.
Server Operating framework setup, extra programming establishment and starting pre-design (if requested or indicated by means of ticket). This is material just for beginning provisioning of the server or if there should arise an occurrence of re-introduces.
We will do the third party software installation in light of your demand, for example, cPanel/Plesk/Lamp, etc..Please take note of that: we will do just the crisp installations.
Of course, Virtual Private Servers Migration help is incorporated into every one of the bundles, just for one time and that as well when you choose to move from your current hosting supplier to us or you being the new client. In any case, under this, we furthermore do the boundless circumstances movement in view of your demand for site and database relocations from the interior or outer facilitating/server.
We’ll help you with the extra design of Core Service Support (Apache, MySQL, FTP, cPanel/Plesk, DNS) so as to meet your particular necessities. We can likewise enhance the server execution
Antivirus Add-on must be bought furthermore to have this element. Under which we proactively secure your server against Malware and Virus and we tell you also when our framework recognizes any Malware and Viruses on your server
Reinforcement Add-on must be bought furthermore to have this element. Under which we proactively screen your reinforcements from our end and as and when the reclamation required in view of demand, we do the needful.
As a client with Server Management, your tickets get the most astounding need of all help asks for as standard.
Number of outbound messages every day point of confinement to abstain from spamming.

Our VPS solution is designed and implemented using KVM Virtualization Technology on a series of high-performance servers assembled in clusters and hosted in tier-1 datacenter. Whether you need them for Big Data, a resource-intensive critical application or one that requires a lot of storage space, our servers are reliable and powerful

We at HCD believe and understand that loyalty and transparency are the key business values and thus we share everything about our infrastructure with all our customers. All our underlying physical servers are equipped with the latest Processors and RAM, below are the specific details about our infrastructure.

Processor Type

Intel Xeon 2xE5-2640v3

Processor Cache

20M Cache


(2133 MHz DDR4)

Pure SSD Drives

Pure SSD Drives

LSI Megaraid Hardware Raid Controller Card with Cache Cade

Raid LevelProcessor Type

5 (block-level striping with distributed parity)


500 Mbps

Processor Type

Redundant Power Supply

HCD is a company who comprehends that everybody in this world is remarkable and along these lines they all have special necessities. We needed to accommodate a substantial gathering of a group of onlookers under one rooftop and that is the reason we have composed our Add-on Services such that can be fitted and suited with your one of a kind prerequisite.

In spite of the fact that we are not impeccable and nobody in this world, it is conceivable that your novel necessity isn’t recorded in our Add-on Services, however, we respect your prerequisite if it’s not recorded and we endeavor to get that going under Custom satisfaction, and you may do as such by composing back to us.

With regards to Operating System, we need you to be consistent, with lawful strategy use issued by Operating System Vendors. Incase on the off chance that you wish to utilize your own particular licenses, you are welcome to do as such. In any case, in the event that you don’t have Operating System Licenses, you may pick this Addon and have your VPS Server to be completely agreeable with Legal Policies and can appreciate the advantage of accepting updates for the OS Patches and Vulnerabilities.
We comprehend, that everybody can’t utilize Linux and you might be a Window Operating System Lover and if that is the situation, and your necessity is to work with part of documents than this would be the correct alternative for you to pick.
This is an incredible decision, incase your prerequisite on VPS Server to have a site and you don’t have much framework administrator aptitudes. For Linux VPS Servers, you may pick cPanel and for Windows VPS Servers, you may pick Plesk Control Panel.
Reinforcements are extremely pivotal, and certainly, you would prefer not to lose the information at any given purpose of time and henceforth Veeam Backup, a market pioneer Backup application for Virtualized condition that we use to take reinforcement. The minute your VPS is sent, our Team will design the reinforcement at our end and will do the principal reinforcement as full reinforcement, from there on it will be an incremental reinforcement with 14 reestablish focuses where 1 point = 1 day. The reinforcement plan runs the incremental reinforcement at midnight IST consistently. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that: We claim the obligation to design and perform reinforcements at our end. At the point when reestablish is required, you should open a ticket with us to do the reestablish, determining which reestablish point to be reestablished.
You can ask for up to 2 extra Public IP addresses for your server (for a sum of 3: the main doled out when your set up your server, and the 2 extra IPs) with business legitimization.
With regards to security, we don’t need you to involve, either one of the dos. Subsequently including Trend Micro Antivirus – Enterprise Security for Endpoints, would be an awesome decision and this will ensure your VPS Server, regardless of whether its Windows or Linux, from Malware/Viruses/Spyware/Trojans/Vulnerabilities and other Web Threats.
Security is again our worry and we trust yours too. Naturally, every one of the ports for the approaching and active movement is open, since we don’t comprehend what administrations and on what ports you intend to keep running on your VPS Server, which makes programmers/assailants to focus on your Server. To shield from all that you may wish to include an equipment level firewall security. A most extreme of 20 tenets can be executed for each and every Public IP. You may pick what all ports and conventions to be permitted or hindered for the IP task on your VPS. It would be ideal if you take note of that: HCD possesses the obligation to design the firewall rules at our end. At the point when any firewall standards to be permitted/blocked, you may open a ticket with us to be executed.
Forgotten your stresses to us!! You don’t have room schedule-wise to be a System Admin. Our committed Advanced Hosting Support group can carry out that activity for you, so you can center around your customers. We take a prompt deal with your VPS and will do all the expected things to have your business up and running. You simply need to situate and unwind!! For more point by point data on Manage Support Services, please allude to the Next Tab – Managed Services.
Because of some reason, you might not have any desire to settle on Monthly Veeam Backup Services. You may consider this Adhoc Full Veeam Backup Option. There might be conditions where you going to roll out enormous improvements on your VPS and you need your server to be completely moved down. On the off chance that you fall under any such conditions, then this would be a correct alternative for you. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that: This is a Monthly Addon Subscription, your reclamation legitimacy lapses when membership terminates. We possess the duty to design and perform reinforcements at our end. At the point when reestablish is required, you should open a ticket with us to do the reestablish.
We don’t need you to pay additional for the administrations that you don’t require. In the event that you simply miss the mark with space/capacity on your VPS Server, then you don’t have to move up to a higher arrangement. You may just request an additional capacity for your server. The plates will be displayed to your working framework, which you may use to keep any application/reinforcement information, or for some other reason. Up to 200 GB, SSD Storage can be requested at any given purpose of time for a solitary VPS.
Utilizing an innovation called Virtualization, secluded virtual machines are made. These accompany committed assets and full root get to which gives all of you the highlights and elements of a devoted server at no extra cost. This is named as Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting.
The three primary preferences that accompany VPS Hosting are: Finish Isolation: Your VPS bundle and its applications stay unaffected regardless of what another client does on the server
Root Access: This enables you to introduce any perfect utilization of your decision
Ensured Resources: Irrespective of any circumstance, the CPU, RAM, HDD and transmission capacity that have been dispensed to your bundle will dependably be accessible for your applications.
A devoted server is solely committed for use to a solitary customer. Every one of the assets of a devoted server is at the transfer of the bought in the client, subsequently, this is an ideal stage for facilitating asset concentrated sites and applications. A VPS situation is set up when a devoted server is a part into a few little virtual servers utilizing an equipment virtualization stage. Each VPS capacities like an independent server and different virtual private servers can coincide on a solitary server accordingly deciding its reasonableness.
Anyone with some specialized abilities, particularly in the event that you pick oversaw VPS. Required administrator abilities incorporate access, document exchange and arrangement. We keep on developing more instruments and highlights that will make it significantly simpler to deal with your server condition.
We utilize VMware Virtualization. Its smooth VM administration and activities enable us to broaden better turnaround, elite and uptime for our clients in this virtualized condition.
Since you have full root get to, you can introduce any product that is perfect on your VPS bundle. In any case, any product that disregards our Acceptable Usage Policy won't be permitted.
cPanel is a Linux-based web facilitating control board that gives a graphical interface and computerization apparatuses intended to streamline the way toward facilitating a site, comparative way Plesk is a Windows-based web facilitating control board.
In the event that you are not ready to choose the privilege VPS facilitating bundle, contact our business group, they will gladly help you to get on the privilege VPS design.
On the off chance that you are at first uncertain whether virtual servers are the proper thing for your requirements, HCD gives you a chance to test VPS before submitting. This enables you to see all highlights, encounter the points of interest and see with your own eyes whether the capacities live up to your desires. In accordance with our HCD rule, we let you test the VPS for nothing out of pocket for 10 days. You get the full width of wanted administrations and can put them under a magnifying glass.
Should you feel that virtual private servers are not for you, basically scratch off the bundle. Any consumption, similar to a month to month expense or an establishment charge will be discounted, which means you don't have to stress over shock charges and can test the VPS effortlessly and chance free. The trial of 10 days begins when you arrange your bundle.
When you agree to accept the coveted VPS facilitating bundle, the setup procedure will be embraced right away by our group. You can begin utilizing your virtual server immediately after getting the server logins.
Each VPS facilitating account accompanies 10 day unconditional promise. On the off chance that you are despondent with our administrations, present the cancelation demand and we will give you full discount.
You can depend on our completely versatile condition for a simple update and downsize. You can overhaul your entire VPS facilitating record or you can simply update the CPU, RAM, and SSD Disk Space. We are totally adaptable with regards to overhauling the VPS assets. The VPS is redesigned at a couple of snaps, there will be no downtime, no information misfortune or change in IP address.
Truly, you will be charged according to the arrangement that you have settled on.
Indeed, when you move to us from other facilitating supplier or you being another client, for a one time our group will help you to move your site to HCD VPS. You can likewise enlist area and exchange space to HCD.
We give finish help to the issues that are identified with Boot, Network, Hardware, Login and Re-establishment of the VM. This additionally incorporates preparatory examination of any framework misuses.
There is no impediment on the quantity of Email records or site facilitated by you. Yet, there is a restriction on SMTP email transfers to 5000 every day to abstain from spamming and subject to Acceptable Usage Policy. Your server can be completely used by you. You can include however many sites as could be expected under the circumstances by you in view of your comfort.
Our datacenter is situated at France and we have a foundation group to deal with our servers over yonder. All Our different Teams, Support, Sales and Billing accessible 24/7 and works out from India.
We just issue IP addresses past the third on a constrained premise — as per ARIN controls, every IP on a server must have a business avocation, for example, a SSL declaration. Because of these controls, we can just designate extra IPs if the majority of your present IPs (with the exception of one) has a business avocation. To ask for IPs past the third, please have a rundown of everything your current IP addresses and their relating utilizes, at that point list the avocation for each new IP you wish to ask for before contact client support to ask for extra IP addresses.