We Care For Our Employees - An Initiative By Host Cafe Day
We Care For Our Employees
  • hostcafeday
  • November 12, 2021

We Care For Our Employees – An Initiative By Host Cafe Day

The present situation due COVID-19 has taught everyone a big lesson of why health should always be your priority. It’s the game of immunity, after all. We prefer human emotions and safety rather than earning profits. Even in this time of the pandemic, we are glad that our main concern is the safety of our staff members and clients while providing exceptional quality web hosting services.

Host Cafe Day has started an initiative to support our employees during this tough time.

You must be wondering what we are doing for our staff members during this pandemic period? Let’s check out below –

Work From Home

The very first thing is providing our staff members with the facility of working from home. We ensure that they get every inch of cooperation that they want. We try our best to motivate them and spread positivity because we know at this time how important it is to keep your mental and emotional health in the right place.

Vaccination Leaves

We understand the importance of vaccination. So, we encourage our employees to get vaccinated. We also give vaccination leaves as some people might feel lethargic or face some other issues after getting the vaccination. We support our employees to ensure that they can save themselves from this pandemic by taking safety measures.

COVID-19 Leaves

If any of our staff members are tested positive for COVID-19, we extend our full support, and along with it, we offer leaves to the COVID positive employee. They can rejoin only when they are completely recovered and ready to work.

Standing together in this hard time is what will make us victorious in the end. This is the time to show some humanity, and we are glad we are walking on the path which we paved on the very first day of our web hosting company. Our staff’s safety and health will remain our priority.