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What Is a Domain Name
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  • November 25, 2020

What Is a Domain Name? How To Choose It Wisely

Have you ever thought about how every site has a different name or address? A domain name is an answer you are looking for. A domain name is an address that people type into a browser address bar to find your website, also referred to as the “website address.”

Like humans have a different name, the website also has a name of its own.

If someone asks you a simple question of why you have a name?
You will simply laugh and say because it gives me a unique identity, it is part of my personality, it provides me with a special place in society.

Don’t you think your website too deserves the unique name? If Yes, then continue reading.

You must be wondering why you need a domain name?

Then you should know to make an online presence the domain name is the essence of the process. It helps create a professional look for your company, raise brand awareness, build a reputation and protect your trademarks and copyrights. Many web hosting providers even offer a free domain.

Now let’s consider the next question: how to choose an appropriate domain name?

1) Choose a name which is easy to type and pronounce

Humans tend to remember easy things and get stuck on the name, which is too tough to pronounce or type.

Imagine someone is about to recommend your site to someone, but they forget the exact name of your site. And unfortunately, you lost a customer.

Want to go through these things? NO, then it is always advisable to choose a name which is easy to spell and to type.

2) Avoid names that can be confused with the existing brand

Try to give your brand a unique identity. Don’t prefer names which are almost similar to the existing brand as it will create more problems for the customers.

Do you want your probable or potential customer to go on some other site which quite has a similar name as your website?

3) Choose a name which indicates your business purpose

A clever domain name which indicates what consumers should expect to find when they land on your site is a big advantage for any company.

From where you can buy a domain name? This can be another question maybe you are wondering about

So the answer is you can buy it from a web hosting company.

Even you can enjoy free domain as some of the web hosting providers offer you this free service but with some conditions. If you are looking forward to availing such an opportunity, you can visit and buy any hosting plan, and in return, you will get a domain free of cost.

Isn’t it great? So what are you waiting for? Go give your business a new identity with a unique domain name.

For more information about the domain, get in touch with our experts.

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