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what is shared hosting
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  • August 24, 2020

What Is Shared Hosting? All You Need To Know About

Shared hosting as the name suggests is the kind of web hosting where your site is accommodated on a physical server along with other websites on a shared basis.

Are you still confused, what exactly is shared hosting? Don’t worry, imagine you are a paying guest and in that house, there are four rooms. One room is allotted to one person.

Even if you have your own room you have to share a kitchen, balcony, parking space and so on with other residents. In the same way, if you have shared hosting plan, then you will share the server and its resources with other users.

Now you are much aware of shared hosting. So, let’s jump into this field and explore it a bit more. After going through the whole article you will have a clear picture of whether you want a shared hosting plan or the upgraded plans.

Shared hosting offers you several benefits which are listed below


Before deciding to purchase anything we always look for the prices. And then choose the product which is affordable as well as of premium quality. Server sharing proves to be much cheaper than having a dedicated server.

It proves to be a more economically lucrative option since the costs of managing a server are divided among all the users. It is appropriate for small websites or newborn blogs that require relatively fewer resources in the initial stages.

Additional features

The server host lets you access the features like monthly traffic, databases, disk space and more. Your website will have a share of everything from CPU and RAM of the physical server.

Each website has its separate account on the server and individually are stored on separate partitions on the server. No user can access the other user’s accounts or directories.


It is more flexible as a user can start with a shared plan and if the need arises for more bandwidth or resources then you can switch to upgraded plans without any difficulty to accommodate its increasing requirements.

Easy setup

Setting it up is a straightforward process. As a newbie, you might not know how to manage the server. Shared hosting takes over this responsibility from you so that you can concentrate only on your site. Most Shared hosts provide a simple user interface that is easy to navigate.

There are certain points that you should consider before deciding upon a shared hosting provider

Firstly you should check their user policies and guidelines so that you know how to balance if your site starts getting more traffic or downloads because it might cause a problem for other users on the same server who are sharing their resources with you.

Secondly, you need to look for a certain guaranteed uptime.

Thirdly, you need to make sure that other sites sharing your server don’t affect the performance and speed of your website.

Fourthly, make sure that you get full-fledged active support in case the need arises or you face some difficulty.

You also need to consider that if your website starts taking up more traffic and you also have special technical requirements that are not available in the shared hosting package, then you should consider the option of virtual or dedicated physical server that caters to all your growing needs.

But if you are a small scale business, designer, or a developer with fewer needs and requirements looking for a low cost, reliable and convenient option, then Shared hosting is definitely something you should go for, without any doubt.

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