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WhoIsGuard by Host Cafe Day is a service that promises to keep your sensitive data safe and generally offers domain privacy protection. When you get a domain registered with us, the ICANN will need that registrars avail the entire contact information such as name, phone number as well as email address. Now, it is being added to the database of WHOIS. The same database contains the list of the owners of every domain and anyone can search it on the internet. WhoIsGuard protects this information from spammers, the fraudsters sitting online. It is the well-known global domain privacy option and we, at Host Cafe Day cares about your privacy protection. Stop worrying and take a chance to connect with us and get WhoIsGuard privacy protect.


Shield on Contact Info:

The WhoIsGuard contact information get displayed in the WhoIs database which is publicly accessible to protect your basic information. So, you are safe from the fake phone calls, spam mail, telemarketers as well as identity theft.

Spam washer:

The WhoIsGuard take over your email address in the WhoIs database with the unique abc.protect@whoisguard.com. It will reduce the amount of spam you get in your inbox.

Flexible Control:

You get a flexible control on updating your settings at any time you want. It is your wish either you want to enable or disable WhoIsGuard.

Prevent domain hijacking:

If you don’t opt for any privacy protection, you are leaving your domain open to the hackers. Attain a WhoIs Guard privacy protection while registering or transferring a domain name.