Why Quality Web Hosting Important For Building Online Presence
Web Hosting Important For Building Online Presence
  • hostcafeday
  • February 11, 2021

Why Quality Web Hosting Important For Building Online Presence

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people use digital solutions and e-commerce. This changed online shopping behavior of consumers encourages business owners to use online platforms to reach a wider audience.

When it comes to building an online presence, the first thing that comes to mind is the website. The website allows consumers to know about the business in detail.

Three things can make a website and business to a new level – design of the website, web hosting, and SEO. These three things perform three different things and are very crucial.

The design makes your site look good, which keeps the visitors engaged, hosting make the visitors experience the best, and SEO makes your website visible to the audience.

Let’s discuss why quality web hosting services important for building an online presence.

1) Downtime and Uptime

The very first thing is downtime and uptime. There are many companies in the web hosting industry which offer 99.9% uptime and some exceptional one provide 99.99% uptime, you should go with the latter type as uptime can affect your website to a great extent.

No one wants to miss out on their potential customers just because of the downtime. The downtime will directly affect online presence. So, try to find a web hosting company that offers 99.99% or at least 99.95%. The game can change by 0.4%.

2) Speed

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think would you spend time on the website, which takes like forever to load? No, we are in a rush, and we don’t want to waste even a single second.

And if you are wondering what slow speed can do to your business or website, then be ready to face a decrease in your website’s SEO ranking. Your web hosting company is the reason for your website speed.

3) Technical support

No matter if you are a newbie or experienced, technical or non-technical entrepreneur, you might come across problems which can only be solved by technical support.

Just imagine your website is facing downtime or any other related issue, but there is no support available at that point in time. What will you do? You can’t do anything in such a situation other than regretting your decision to hire such a web hosting company.

So, make sure you choose web hosting services from a web hosting company providing 24/7 technical support, and that will help to rank your website.

4) Security

Although security is not a crucial factor yet, it helps to keep your website safe from hackers. Hackers can create fake backlinks or add spam on your website, which can ruin the visitor’s experience on your page. Also, it will affect the SEO ranking of your website.

Many well-known web hosting companies offer SSL secure site guarantees and other security options. You should choose such companies.

So, now you know how the quality of hosting affects your website’s ranking and online presence. Keep all these things in mind while choosing a web hosting company.

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